Lirik dan Terjemahan Indonesia Lagu 'Paint Me Naked' TEN NCT

- Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2021 | 17:00 WIB


Heartbeat going crazy
They say we should fall in line
Saying we're too young to stay in love
They got issues with us staying in love
But-a we're just far too crazy, yeah

So baby don't tame me
You found a lion uh you prey me
Oh baby don't fail me
Cause you really make my fancy work

So tell me where you wanna take it?
I'm your figure You could paint me naked
Like a picture, I can see our love running wild
Baby be my weekend

Love the way you posing when we painting yeah
Lookin' at you girl I can't control it
Everybody betting that we don't make it
Guess we gotta leave it up to luck now, yeah

Can't stop make me wanna rev right now
Redline, keep it going lovebound
Now drop-top feeling got the windows down
Nothing else matters only us right now


Editor: Tim Kpopchart